How To Turn Your iPad2 Into a $500 Lump of Junk

Step 1: Purchase iPad2 for $500

Step 2: Drop on tile floor to shatter screen

Step 2a: Sweep up shards of glass off the floor

Step 3: Call AppleCare and find out that it’s not covered under warranty since it was broken through “negligence”.

Step 4: Decide that Apple’s out of warranty repair option ($300) is too expensive to fix a device that costs $500 brand new.

Step 5: Purchase 3rd party touch screen digitizer replacement

Step 6: Spend your Saturday afternoon with a heat gun and a tiny plastic crowbar to prying out thousands of tiny shards of glass.

Step 7: Plug in new replacement screen

Step 8: Test new replacement screen and find out that only 30% of the screen is responsive to touch

Step 9: Recognize that you’re beyond your area of expertise

Step 10: Decide that maybe the $300 repair option might be your best remaining option

Step 11: Call AppleCare again and find out that the $300 repair option actually includes a replacement if they can’t fix it, and that an Apple Store will actually just swap you straight across for a new one, even though you already tried to fix it yourself

Step 12: Decide that the AppleStore is too far away and opt for the UPS shipping option

Step 13: Ship it back to Apple

Step 14: Get an email from Apple that says they’ve determined that they won’t actually fix it or replace it after all (no word about the $300 that you spent for them to fix it)

Step 15: Have a long and frustrating conversation with AppleCare and find out that they won’t actually replace or repair anything unless every shard of the original glass is still in its original place

Step 16: Wait for your $500 lump of junk to come from Apple since they generously ship the unfixed iPad back to you

And that is how you turn your iPad2 into a $500 lump of junk.

  • Jason Webb


  • becki

    that is awful! so sorry!

  • Anon Ymous

    Wait, isn’t that an $800 lump of junk now?

  • benrobb

    Apple refunded the $300 repair cost when they told me they wouldn’t fix it. So still just a $500 lump of junk.

  • bev

    I installed Windows Server 2008 R2 in Oracle Virtual Box,also WAMP server inside Windows server 2008 R2.

    I am able to open/access the WAMP server in my Virtual Box guest OS that is the local host.

    But I am unable to access the WAMP server from the host OS.

    The host OS is Windows 7

    How can this be fixed?

  • Ray

    Have you tried an outside repair company?

  • benrobb

    Tried/failed. Shipped it to them, after initial assessment they said it would cost a bunch of money to fix it. I said no and they offered to buy it for the parts that were still good in it. I accepted and then never got paid =)