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Guess Who’s Judging the Omniture-BYU Analytics Competition?

Me!  Today I accepted an invitation to serve as a judge in the finals round of this semester’s analytics competition at BYU.  It’ll be my first time back on campus since graduating last April and starting my work for Omniture. My team won the competition during the Winter 2007 semester (the winnings funded my Wii) and one result of that was my eventual offer to work as a Business Consultant for Omniture Consulting.  I have […]


Google Analytics the Best on the Planet?

In my search for quality analytics blogs, I apparently missed one that produced a rather interesting article about Google Analytics being a quantum leap above any other analytics products on the market. So while I work on finding the time to create my own analytics blog, I thought I’d post this up here for a little entertainment. I found the original post here, when Eric Peterson of the Web Analytics Demystified blog ran the refutation. […]


New Options for Web Analytics

Just a quick post on a topic that I found quite interesting.  Apparently Microsoft is working on software that will uniquely identify users based on their browsing habits.  It’ll watch what websites you visit, how long you stay, etc., but could also potentially start sifting through your history to see where you’ve already been. According to the article,  right now it can guess age and gender fairly well, but there are very high hopes for […]


Google Website Optimizer May Be A “Stormy Teacup”

Not everyone is excited about Google’s Website Optimizer. Google uses AdBot, a version of GoogleBot, to spider through the landing pages that are entered with AdWords Campaigns. AdBot judges the contents of the landing pages and assigns them a Quality Score. The higher your score, the lower your minimum bids and the better position your ads achieve. So in order for your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns to work well, you better be doing Search Engine Optimization well. […]


How Can Smart People Make Such Stupid Laws?

I found this article through Slashdot today, and I’m embarrased to call myself a Utahn. Apparently our legislature has just passed a law that bans keyword advertising. Not all keyword advertising, just the ones that use something that could loosely be tied to a competitor’s trademark. If you’re in the same industry, couldn’t any keyword fit that description? Apparently the law only applies if the ad is displayed in Utah or the advertiser/keyword vendor is […]