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WordPress Integration with Facebook & Twitter


Today, I setup a couple of WordPress plugins for automatically posting blog links to Facebook and Twitter. WP to Twitter The first is WP to Twitter.  Instructions are pretty straightforward for creating a Twitter app for integration.  Small hitch was that after creating my Access Token I had to reload the page in order for the access tokens to actually show up.  Now whenever I create a new post, it will post a Tweet using […]


Howto: Install iLife 06 on Leopard

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that after doing a clean install of Leopard that there was no more iPhoto. I suppose if I had looked around at all, I would have known, but I obviously hadn’t. Not to worry, after digging out the disks that came with my Macbook Pro, I decided to put together this install guide for others that ended up in my boat. 1. Pop in the […]


Howto: Outlook Plays Nice With gCal Thanks to gSyncit

Being a Mac user at home is nice, but makes calendar compatibility with my work computer a little challenging. For awhile, I used my Blackberry and synced it to both computers, but it wasn’t made for this purpose and after a few syncs, it inevitably started crashing the Desktop Manager on my Windows machine at work while trying to sync calendars. I got tired of completely clearing out the calendar to get it to sync […]


HowTo: Lift Your Browsing Restrictions

SSH + Socks + (Firefox + FoxyProxy) = Browsing Freedom Although tunnel through them would be a more accurate description. I hesitate whether to post this or not, but the little wanna-be-hacker inside me is making me do it. If you find your browsing is constrained by filters, proxies, or any other kind of unwanted restraints and you’ve got a spare offsite SSH Server, there is a solution to all your problems. The information is […]


Howto: Put WSDL on Rails [Part 2]

In the first article about WSDL on Rails we created our own web service that accepted a string, modified it, and returned a new string. Now we’ll take a look at creating another application that can consume or subscribe to our web service. This is almost too easy. I figure the best way to demonstrate the simplicity is to keep this article as short as possible. 1. Fire up the old WebServiceProvider application that we […]