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How To Turn Your iPad2 Into a $500 Lump of Junk


Step 1: Purchase iPad2 for $500 Step 2: Drop on tile floor to shatter screen Step 2a: Sweep up shards of glass off the floor Step 3: Call AppleCare and find out that it’s not covered under warranty since it was broken through “negligence”. Step 4: Decide that Apple’s out of warranty repair option ($300) is too expensive to fix a device that costs $500 brand new. Step 5: Purchase 3rd party touch screen digitizer […]


Apple Makes a Smart Move

This morning Apple announced that they’re lifting some of the restrictions that they had placed earlier this year on developers and the tools they use to create applications. They also announced that they’re going to publish official app review guidelines so that developers will have a much better idea of whether they’re app will pass the review process or not. Both are smart moves.  They’ll benefit the development community and, by extension, the platform in […]


Microsoft’s Next-Gen UI

I’ve seen a few things lately about the next version of Windows, aptly code-named Windows 7 and it’s next-generation user interface. AppleInsider sums it up nicely citing Microsoft engineer Hilton Lock as saying that the Windows 7 interface is tons cooler than the iPhone and people will be blown away. What strikes me as interesting is the fact that if Microsoft is comparing their next-gen OS to the iPhone they’ve already missed the boat. Vista […]


Howto: Install iLife 06 on Leopard

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that after doing a clean install of Leopard that there was no more iPhoto. I suppose if I had looked around at all, I would have known, but I obviously hadn’t. Not to worry, after digging out the disks that came with my Macbook Pro, I decided to put together this install guide for others that ended up in my boat. 1. Pop in the […]


Howto: Outlook Plays Nice With gCal Thanks to gSyncit

Being a Mac user at home is nice, but makes calendar compatibility with my work computer a little challenging. For awhile, I used my Blackberry and synced it to both computers, but it wasn’t made for this purpose and after a few syncs, it inevitably started crashing the Desktop Manager on my Windows machine at work while trying to sync calendars. I got tired of completely clearing out the calendar to get it to sync […]