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How Well Does Your Name Google?

So if you’re anything like me, from time to time you google your name. I like to see how many of the top 10 results are actually me. Since I started doing this a year or two ago, I simply cannot compete with Benjamin Robison the apparently famous violinist. Though my blog gets a fair amount of traffic, I can’t make any headway against him. Next in line is Ben Robison the director of an […]


Computers Only Do What You Tell Them To

I was just getting all my screenshots in order for a post on the Google Analytics conspiracy. I went into my GA account the other day and noticed that on November 15, all my tracking went to 0. No Page Views, no Visits, no Visitors, no Referring Traffic, no Nothing. Obviously I find this a little upsetting. I realize that my blog is not a major web crossroads, but I was averaging 30-ish Visits a […]


Howto: Outlook Plays Nice With gCal Thanks to gSyncit

Being a Mac user at home is nice, but makes calendar compatibility with my work computer a little challenging. For awhile, I used my Blackberry and synced it to both computers, but it wasn’t made for this purpose and after a few syncs, it inevitably started crashing the Desktop Manager on my Windows machine at work while trying to sync calendars. I got tired of completely clearing out the calendar to get it to sync […]