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Plaxo = Buyer’s Remorse

A while ago, I wrote about gSyncIt which syncs your Outlook Calendars to Google Calendar. After playing with the free/trial version, I ran into a few problems. I worked with it for 1 week or so, but when syncing (which was quite slow) constantly ran into problems with object references pointing to null objects. It was the same calendar item each time and even though I had my settings to continue syncing on failure, that […]


Howto: Outlook Plays Nice With gCal Thanks to gSyncit

Being a Mac user at home is nice, but makes calendar compatibility with my work computer a little challenging. For awhile, I used my Blackberry and synced it to both computers, but it wasn’t made for this purpose and after a few syncs, it inevitably started crashing the Desktop Manager on my Windows machine at work while trying to sync calendars. I got tired of completely clearing out the calendar to get it to sync […]